I've had Zack for a month, he's 5 months old in a few days. When i brought him home, he was scratching, i thought it was fleas. I saw one on him at the place where i got him. I don't like to use topical flea killers like Advantage, but he was scratching so much, i put it on him after about the first week.

I later found out that the woman i got him from had put Frontline on him a week and a half before i got him. Yet he was scratching.

i couldn't see any fleas on him, the scratching got no better after putting Advantage on him. My cat never started scratching. I never got any bites. I've never had fleas this time of year before. Vets who saw him said he had no fleas.

He scratches all over his body, it moves from one place to another at different times, like happens with fleas--his neck, his leg, his foot, his back, his tail, his penis. i dont' think it's more on one side than the other, at least i haven't noticed that.

His skin doesn't look dry. I was worrying about SM a couple of weeks ago, depressing, but then he had another problem that became a crisis, he'd had diarrhea since the day i brought him home and had been seeing vets about it and being treated with Flagyl. Otherwise, he was normal, happy go lucky, energetic, excited playful.

Then, monday before last, he was listless and sleeping all day, didn't eat or drink, and that night, started vomiting. I took him to the emergency hospital, they said it might be a foreign body, they didn't really know, but it got my mind off of SM, trying to get him well from feeling so bad as he apparently did.

the next day a vet gave him shots of pepcid and chorpromazine and he seemed better right away for a few days, then it happened again on Saturday, two more shots at the vet, better for a day, then it came back again, vomiting, listless.

I went to a new vet who put him on I/D prescription dog food and changed his diarrhea medication. Even before that vet visit, he was acting normal again and has acted normal ever since, except for very soft stool, acting like a normal puppy for three days now, except scratching frequently, some days more than others.

But yesterday morning, he was in the backyard, just looking around, i was watching him because i wanted to see if the diarrhea had gotten better from the new medicine and i was hoping he'd go, and all of a sudden he started shrieking, and biting on his foot, he continued to shriek and cry, and ran inside the house and sat down and was licking his foot intensely. Then, it was over and he went on as normal except for occasional scratching.

Just now as i was writing this, he was sleeping on the couch, laying on his back in a relaxed position, unlike the curled up way he lays when he doesn't feel good. I heard this noise, the rhythmical sound a dog makes when it vomits, i looked at him, he was still laying on his back but making that noise, he woke up, i got up quickly and put him on the floor, and he vomited some mush of dog food he'd eaten earlier.

Does SM ever have any gastrointestinal symptoms?

Can anyone give a ballpark figure for how much MRIs cost in the US on average?

Since i got him, he's had countless vet appointments. Some days, i took him to two vets in one day. Some of the times, he didn't go, i just went to pick up a prescription or drop off a fecal sample. Trying to fit my job in some place. I wonder if him vomiting just now means he'll have another episode of listlessness and anorexia, plus more vet visits and more money, it's costing a lot. When i got him, the first day, i signed him up for health insurance, but there was a 30 day waiting period for illnesses, so none of his treatment for the diarrhea and vomiting is covered. He would have to not require any treatment for 30 days and that has not happened and doesn't seem like it's ever going to happen.

I'm feeling scared and sad and pretty helpless.