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I'd sure take Sally's route first before considering barium scans and all that... We'll all be crossing fingers for you that you can get some results.

I had a cat with a LOT of digestive problems and we (me and vet) just blasted her with about three different medications at once. Sure enough after about three weeks it all stopped. She still can be a bit vomit-prone but at the time she literally leaked diarrhea all the time and it was a nightmare.
Karlin, i would/do feel better, hearing that the situation is not so urgent that Sally's route could not be tried, it's the sense that something has to be done right now that makes me vulnerable to paying out a lot of money on procedures and invasive diagnostic tests.

If your cat was helped by antibiotics, it sounds like the shotgun approach was wise. I've wondered why, and asked but didn't really get an answer as to why the treatment wouldn't be continued more than 7 days, since there were two relapses after 7 days of flagyl. Why not continue for two weeks, for example?

but yesterday i was reading that flagyl toxicity affects the central nervous system and the cerebellum and i cringed. It said animals with CNS issues should not receive flagyl. Zack is on it again now, with the sulfasalazine and Reglan. what a nightmare to my chemical-phobic mind.