Dear Friends

I am thrilled to announce that the book, "For the Love of Ollie - A story of compassion and courage" will be released on March 4, 2006.

It has been over a year in production and the 6.5" by 8" book of 60 pages in beautiful full colour looks fantastic. The book has three sections:

{Sandy's Cavalier} Oliver's story,
stories from other dogs that have suffered from SM,
and a section with clinical information including contributions from Dr. Clare Rusbridge.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be directed towards syringomyelia research.

I have set up a new website {address at the end} to market the book and make sales available to the general public. As a dog owner, I hope you can help to promote and sell copies. Please take a few minutes to make a list of your network: family, friends, neighbours, business associates, veterinarians, breeders, pet people, libraries, pet supply retailers, independent bookstores and anyone else who might want to purchase a copy.

Then go to my website, which will be running in the next few weeks, and order enough copies for all. I will be in contact directly with those who have contributed to the book . If you would like I can make a bulk shipment to you, shipping costs would be reduced. If you would like some promotional material (bookmarks, order forms or posters), I will be happy to send some along. The pricing of the books will be $15.95 Canadian, $13.95 US and 7.90 for our British friends. The cost of shipping will be added. Paypal will be available.

My objective in producing the book is to raise awareness about syringomyelia and to raise funds for research so that future generations of Cavaliers and other small breed dogs will not suffer. At the present time the funds will be allocated to the genome research with the hope that we can expedite the successful completion of this research. Any help you can provide, either by promoting, purchasing, or selling the books will take us closer to our goals. This research is also intended to be of great value to humans and that has made it an even greater priority. Thank you everyone...

For the love of Ollie and for the love of all breeds affected,