We went to the woods for our walkies today, as we now have about 1ft of snow {30cm} at home, and it's too deep for the doglets to walk in

TedBear loves to bounce through it, and Rupert tries, but gets very tired quickly {he will be 10 in June, and although pretty fit, that is very tiring}

Thought I'd share a few photos of the walkies...this one is specially for Linda, sorry he doesn't look very happy though

He's got his new Puppia harness {a black and white safety harness} on underneath a double fleece coat, which came from TRPD.

Rupert rolling

then shaking it all off {remember the Harmony hairspray adverts }

I just love this one {probably the only time he stopped moving on the entire walk, most of the photos were blurry }

What you found there...let me sniff too