Finally pictures of the boy from Anna's litter that we think may have show potential. His name is Duece (when he was little he had a mark on his back that looked like a 2). He's a typical boy, he loves to rough-house with the other adults, then asks to get on my lap, licks my face all over, and then goes to sleep in my lap!

Duece was #4 in Anna's litter and was about in the middle of the size range when he was born. He is now probably the smallest of the 5 pups at this point in time, but anything can happen. We will probably make a decision on whether to keep him at about 5 months old, but I have a feeling I won't be able to let him go by then. Kris keeps telling me I have to be strong; I wonder who's telling her

The pictures of him are in front of my latest remodel project, remodeling the fireplace. Remodelling is my second passion in life, every house we buy has needed a lot of work. Duece was very interested in my tools that were laying out. Now if I could just teach him to hold the dumb end of the tape! He could be the son I never had