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We got back from the vet- even after a day on rice and chicken, Buddy was still having problems- they are doing a stool test and should have the results back by tomorrow.

They are not sure yet was is causing the problem, but he is on a med to heal his colon and they had to give him a fluid treatment. SInce he's been sick, Buddy has been very reluctant to drink anything- I have to sneak water into everything he eats! They ruled out the food switch since it has been several weeks since I changed him.

Poor little guy is asleep now, I feel so bad for him. His tummy was grumbling all night and he slept curled up in a ball instead of his usual snuggling under my chin :cry:
aw, i'm sorry to hear about this. it sounds exactly like what zack and i have just been through and it's been so stressful and traumatic for me. zack would not eat or drink, and his stomach made loud noises, so loud that a couple of times, i thought it was the cat meowing. He slept curled up in a little ball all the time.

he was on nothing but boiled chicken and white rice for two and a half days before he started doing better in terms of the vomiting. I can't say for sure it was because of the chicken and rice because he on the day that he decidedly stopped vomiting and losing his appetite he also received Dontral Plus de worming medicine and he also started Tylan which is an anti biotic and anti-diarrhea thing which he is still taking, a tiny bit a day, less than 1/16 of a tsp. But almost right away, the boiled chicken and rice seemed to cause much smaller and less loose stool, by the second day, before those medications stared.

the vomiting has stopped for a whole week and the appetite is great, and kibble has been added (chicken and rice, and now gradually changing to duck and rice) but i can't say that the diarrhea/colitis won't come back if i stop the Tylan. All this, and lots of vet bills, and no diagnosis.

the important thing though is to get them feeling better and to stop the problem, diagnosis or no diagnosis. good luck to you and buddy. i'd be very interested to hear about how he's doing and what seems to help.