zack had bloody diarrhea when i first got him on 1/28 and the cause isn't really known for sure. he got vomiting and no appetite three weeks later and that lasted two weeks, and stopped as suddenly as it began. he's taking medication for diarrhea/colitis and not having symptoms so whether he still has it without the medication i don't know.

He's been eating boiled chicken and white rice for 9 days, and for 3 or 4 days, he's also been having some kibble, chicken and rice. I just got some duck and potato today nd am gradually changing the food, based on several recommendations.

I'm wondering if zack mostly eats boiled chicken and white rice, with a little kibble, are there vitamins and minerals he's not getting enough of? the kibble seems to have a lot of nutrients in it. Is that an adequate vitamin/mineral supplement? I'm worried that anything and everythnig can cause the colitis, including vitamins and things, and like keeping it simple. I do put digestive enzymes and probiotics on his food.

so far, so good. He seems stable day to day. maybe the chicken and rice kibble agrees with him. he had been looking too thin, and his butt felt bony, but now he looks right, still slim but not too slim, and his butt has some meat on it.

I've heard several people say their dogs didn't do well with chicken and rice kibble. Why would a dog do well on boiled chicken and rice, but not on kibble chicken and rice?