Hi can anyone please help me. My cav is the most loving and affectionate little guy but i have a problem. While he is very placid with my husband, daughter and myself, whenever a visitor comes into our house he goes crazy. He starts jumping up on them and when they pick him up he starts jumping up at their faces. Sometimes with his mouth open which looks like hes ready to snap. He is uncontrolable when he does this. Some of my daughters friends are terified of him because he does this. My mother in law is over visiting from Scotland just now. This is the first time she has met Joey and although she thinks he is adorable she did say he needs disciplined. The thing is he never acts like this with us three. Only when a new face comes in to the house. It was really getting to me today and i just wanted to burst into floods of tears as i love him to death and i just want everyone else to love him too. Has anybody else ever had this experience before or maybe any advice. It would be so much appreciated. I just feel none of my visitors understand because they dont have dogs but i know all of you guys will. He is 7 months old so still very young but it is very stressful. Im getting to the point where im dreading visitors coming. Also today he had a scrunchie in his mouth which he found and it took me about 10 mins to get it off him. He would not drop it or let it go.