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Thread: Zack's milestones

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    Default Zack's milestones

    Zack is maturing.
    He is solidly housetrained. He always asks to go outside. Maybe he will make some errors in the future, maybe not, but he clearly gets it now. This has happened in the last two or three weeks, no 'accidents' in that time. He is 5 1/2 months now.

    I used to keep him in his crate when i was sleeping or at work. Then, a couple of weeks ago, i got a pen that i put around his crate and leave the door to the crate open, and he has a decent amount of room to move around in and i feel better putting him in the pen than i did about putting him in the crate.

    I put in him the pen at night when i go to bed. This morning when i got up, he was waiting for me by the gate that i installed on the stairs to keep him away from the catbox and the cat's food. He was not in the pen. He had the run of the kitchen and living room. I was so tired last night, i forgot to close and latch the little door to the pen. And, the good news is, nothing was chewed up as far as i can see. I know that it's not going to be safe to leave him unsupervised for a while still, but I am very pleased with how last night went. This happened one other time that i forgot to close the pen door and i went to work. when i got home, i found he had gotten up on the coffee table and he chewed up a couple of important things. I've been consistently indicating disapproval when he shows interest in the top of the coffee table. He does get these things gradually.

    I also see him trying to control himself when he feels like lunging at the cat. my little boy is growing up.

    but he's still that playful bouncy puppy, acting silly and cute.

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    It's nice when they start to reach these incremental goals! I know at about 12 weeks you wonder if you will forever be cleaning up the floor... Some are always chewers however, some stop then start up again then grow out of it (mine), some never chew much at all (Jaspar until Leo came along). Always best to never keep anything within reach that you don;t want chewed -- I had a couple of shoes die due to being too confident!
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    Oh Judy! That's some great news! Even if there are a couple more accidents, you know he's almost all the way there. That's how we started feeling about Isabelle by 6 months. Very confindent in her, and giving her a little more freedom as each week passed. You should be pround of both of you! icon_banana icon_banana

    Thank you for your story about your cat. It made me feel better. The guilt of getting after her, when it was a medical issue was very hard to walk around with. Thankfully she's doing AWESOME with this being her 4th day on antibiotics and she seems to have forgiven me. icon_thumbsup


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