I thought I would mention something I just noticed the last couple days with our ruby Isis. Isis will very seldom actually play with the other dogs; she'll run with them as a pack, chase the ball with them and so on, but seldom ever really play. Our 4 month old tri puppy Duece has been a real challenge for her, as he is ready to play with anyone.

However, my daughter is in town for a week and brought her chihuahua Pickles to stay with us. Well Isis and Pickles have been playing like crazy; I haven't seen Isis play like that since she was a puppy. So we have been trying to figure out what it is about that chihuahua that Isis likes so much. Isis is a big girl at about 19 pounds and Pickles is about 5 pounds. So far, the only thing we can think of is that they are close to the same color. Could Isis be "racist", God forbid Any ideas out there? Anyone else experience this type of thing?