We went to pick out our new Cav yesterday. Drove 3 hours to meet the breeder between our house and theirs. The kids already had their heart set on one of the rubies. Well my husband fell in love (and so did I) with a big black/tan. He's 4 months and already weighs 10 pounds. My husband tried desperately to talk the kids into the black/tan and couldn't. They were promised they got to decide. So we discussed it with the breeder and her husband and believe it or not, they liked us so much and wanted the brothers to be together, so they worked something out where we could take them both and pay later. (they didn't take checks understandably).
So their names are Brownie (girls name for their Ruby) and Nanook (our name for the black/tan). I will post pictures in the next couple days. We had a long day of driving yesterday, we are on constant poop and pee duty (it's been constant all over our house, but no complaints, lol) and if you read my other post, we are very concerned about Isabelle right now. So bare with me a day or two until I can get pics taken and downloaded. We have a VERY full plate right now.
We are VERY happy and love these new members, it's just going to take awhile to adjust. Don't know what we were thinking, but Nanook captured our heart. He is the BIGGEST cuddler. That's all he wants to do, yet he's such a big boy. Brownie on the other hand was born in the same litter but is 1/2 Nanooks size and I have a feeling might be neck in neck with Isabelle as far as on the wild side. They had one more ruby I wanted to snatch as well, but we just couldn't do that, of course. Don't think she would have handed over her entire litter on our word. Anyways, we are in heaven!!! icon_banana