Oh Cathy I'm so sorry after everything you've been through :cry:

Big hugs for you and Shelby - and Jake too of course {I have two Momma's boys, TedBear stands on the table in the vets and puts his paws up round my neck }

There are some very good homoeopathic remedies for arthritis, let me know if you'd like details.

Also as others have suggested, it would be worth supplementing - my two are on a glucosamine and chondriotin {sp? I never get that one right!} supplement.

I've been told though that the best one is Cortaflex, something to do with molecule sizes, I think there's a post on here about that- need to do some more research.

Hoping that Shelby will keep as active and well as possible - I'm sure you already know to keep her weight down.

Sending healing thoughts.