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    Default Joey and Puzzles

    Thought I would send some updated pictures of my "little" Joey and his mama Puzzles. I have a feeling that Joey might grow up to be a "BIG" boy! I took pictures of the two of them tonight sleeping on my bed. Joey is now 14 weeks old

    Here is Joey helping Daddy do a puzzle...

    And I am very thrilled about purchasing my first Puppia Harness for Puzzles. I love it! I am waiting to buy Joey one because I think he might grow out of it before too long...
    Thanks from JoJo (M-blen- 2 yrs) , Jack (M-Tri 1 yr at the Bridge) , and Miley's Destiny our newest addition born April 22nd (F-Blen 14 weeks old)

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    What cute little cavaliers you have there. I also have a Joey too . We promised we would let my daughter choose our puppies name and she chose Joey because she loves Joey from friends. I wasnt sure at first because i had a budgie called Joey when i was young!!! Anyway now he really suits the name and im glad my daughter chose that. Puzzles looks so beautiful in her little pink puppia. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Angela & Joey


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