Because there are now two discussion groups on SM where I either moderate or am admin, and as a consequence, the SM forum here on Cavalier Talk is no longer the directly-linked support forum from the SM Infosite ( ) it makes sense to me to have this board's forum focus on what many now feel are the two big health issues in the breed-- MVD (mitral valve disease) and SM.

I hope people won't see this as a dilution of the importance of an SM discussion space. I do think both issues are equally important and MVD -- which affects almost 100% of cavaliers eventually -- remains the health issue that will touch most of us most immediately.

To reiterate:

The email list resources on SM are:

General SM discussion list:
SM Support List:

The email list resource on MVD is:

Our forum as its new title indicates is for both SM and MVD topics/support/information.