thanks to all for the great advice. Bailey's cold seems to have passed. On some days, I notice some congestion ... but its greatly improved and its not everyday - which again, leads me to believe it might be allergy. This week ... I'm not noticing much congestion, only sneezing, which occurs when I take him out. So I think he's OK. He was on 2 rounds of antibiotics.

And I'm feeding Wellness adult food now (well, transitioning, which takes time, but he's tolerating the change well)- I'm doing a mix of wet and kibble ... 1 cup daily split into 3 feedings/day. In addition, he still receives treats each time he goes outside - maybe 6-8 treats per day ... and I give bits of human food here and there too ... I think it's enough, based on what I'm reading on this forum. He eats so fast though! He's such a scarfer ... the food is GONE in literally 2 minutes flat.

He's still on the Nutrical and I'm thinking I'll continue that until 6 months, and then wean off or just stop.