I wasn't going to say anything yet, but as it's a few weeks away, thought I'd tell everyone.

TedBear is going to have a consultation and an MRI at Glasgow Vet School on 24th April.

He has been scratching for some time, we've eliminated other causes and sadly now suspect that it may be Syringo.

He is 2 1/2, the scratching is really his only symptom, he's so full of life and happy. He does startle easily, and is "reactive" when you groom him - he scratches behind his front legs and around his neck. If you put a collar on him, he reacts to this too. He's not showing any signs of being in pain - he never cries out or screams like Rupert does when he has an episode.

I know that some dogs who've only shown mild symptoms have actually been the most severely affected when MRI'd, so we are doing this to establish how badly affected he really is, and his treatment options. We have tried Frusemide, but this didn't work for him.

I will of course keep everyone posted and let you know when I have the results - just can't believe this is happening, we tried so hard to find an unaffected dog, there is no family history and his breeder is {genuinely} shocked. He was 19 months when we had him, and started scratching at 22 months.