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    I got a post card in the mail from a local merchant I'd never heard of before, Tails of Santa Monica, inviting all postcard recipients to come to Yappy Hour every Thursday from 6pm til 8pm. I live up the hill from Main Street in Santa Monica. Main Street, a few blocks from the beach and surrounded by neighborhoods of modest rent controlled apartments, is a very trendy area, a city street where people walk and go to trendy restaurants and shop at trendy stores, and there is a trendy pet store there which i didn't know about, i think it must be new. So tonight we went to Yappy Hour. It was quite fun. We went inside a gate to a small court yard, and the shop opened into the courtyard behind it, and there were dogs running around with their leashes off, like a dog park only it was a small compact contained area. It was quite funny to watch all the dog antics and Zack was in heaven with all those dogs to play with. I was proud of him, everyone in dog land seems to appreciate the cavalier, everyone knows about the breed, "Oh, is that a cavalier? My friend has one," and i was so proud of Zack when twice, from a far distance, while he was in the middle of dog play, i called him and he came running to me! I really didn't expect him to, i didn't think he'd stop playing or pay any attention to me. After all, when i call him to come to me at home from only a few feet away, he usually just stares at me, but at Yappy Hour, he came running just like Rin Tin Tin, and people were impressed, they oohed and ahhed.

    I am looking forward to going to Yappy Hour next week. Normally I can't go to Yappy Hour because I work on Thursday nights, but we are on a 3 week break right now. It was fun looking at the expensive boutique doggie stuff at the store, cute squeaky toys, gourmet treats that look just like human pastries, and i was admiring a $65 halter/leash combination in camouflage, Zack tried it on. i controlled myself and didn't buy it, to the obvious disappointment of the proprietor. I signed Zack up for a puppy class they are having on Sunday. maybe i'll get him an overpriced squeaky toy when he graduates, just to say thank you to the proprietors for the nice time.

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    Hi Judy.
    That's sounds like a fantastic idea. I spent a few days in Santa Monics during the summer last year and thought it was gorgeous. Everyone seems to love their dogs there.
    Hope you enjoy next week too.
    Mum to Holly

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    I just am seeing this now; that really sounds fun! Great for both dogs and owners. Like the name too.
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