Fostering or homing a rescue can be extremely rewarding. But it is often a different experience from getting a new puppy that has been well socialised by a breeder's family, or adopting a dog that comes from a known, and stable background.

That can make new fosterers or owners wonder what they might expect with their new friend, and what they can do to make the transition into their new home as smooth and happy as possible.

Here are some suggestions.

On my Irish Cavalier Rescue website, I've written up an introduction to fostering, which also applies to giving a home to a rescue dog:

This article from another breed rescue pertains to any rescue dog and gives lots of suggestions on what to do when the dog arrives home:

Tips for fostering a senior dog:

Tips on dealing with a range of behaviour issues, shyness etc:

A good article on common misconceptions about breed rescue:

An article to help you think about the pros and cons of getting a rescue, and what to do when your dog comes home:

Top 10 reasons for getting a rescue dog: