Didn't know whether to post this under ". . . friends" or under "rescue" but here goes.

My mom had a dear little poodle, Percy, that she had taken in after his family could no longer keep him. 14 love filled years later, Percy made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge. Since that time, nearly 2 years, I have been trying to find the perfect match for her. Mom is 84 years old and in fair health but has difficulty walking distances and isn't always real steady on her feet, so we needed a little guy that wouldn't drag her. After many unsuccessful and frustrating attempts with several rescue groups (mom has no fenced in yard, no other pets) I had almost given up. Anyhow, when my daughter-in-law, granddaughter and I went to visit her a couple of weeks ago, I thought we might as well give it one more try and visit the Humane Society a few miles away. "Lo and behold," a 3 year old Japanese Chin had been turned in just that morning. But, by the time I turned around and made it to the adoption desk, he had been adopted. As we were leaving, pretty well bummed out, my granddaughter spotted a Schnauzer in one of the pens - just like hers at home! The post on his cage said "owner relinquished because of excessive barking." As that is not one of my favorite breeds AND he was a "barker," I had passed him by. Meghan insisted on taking him for a walk and we discovered him to be a perfect gentleman with a very calm disposition. Needless to say, we filled out paperwork and picked him up the following morning after he had gotten the all clear from the vet. His only health issues were dry skin due to prior excessive matting and he needed his teeth cleaned. Harley Davidson has been with mom now for 2 weeks and has yet to bark for the first time. He is totally housebroken, goes to his bed at 10:30 like he has an internal clock; won't get on your lap unless asked and walks quietly on his leash!!! He also knows all the basic doggie commands. A totally awesome dog! He is all mom can talk about now, she is so thrilled; her husband is smitten as well. Guess it's true, timing is everything. We were at the right place at the right time. Harley has given my mom a new lease on life. I thought I'd share a couple of pics from his first day at his new home.

PS My sister has a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and had given mom a t-shirt from the 2005 Sturgis rally. We made her wear it in honor of her "Harley." Is that funny or what?!?

Am I cute or what??

Aren't I handsome??

Harley and my mom