Henry goes off lead now in the park. He comes back on his own without being called a lot and I always give him a treat when he does. However it is stilll early days so I watch carefully and always check what other dogs are around. He still chases birds but they just fly off and then he comes running to us straight after. It's fun to watch him enjoying that too. It is a large open space. He has learned to play fetch and ignores other distractions when playing it. Those ball flinging stick devices are great by the way. It is great to be able to practice training in a large space, especially as we have a small garden. Now we are practising stay at further distances. I saw a labrador do a sudden "down at a distance" in the park a while ago. Could Henry do that? That seems like the most useful command you could have in the off lead situation really. So we are feeling quite confident at the moment, but will be sure to post if Henry gets eaten by a Bull Terrier