I am copying a post I made into my 'Fetch' thread in the generla picture gallery (the one with the little video clip) here. I think this is the most fantastic company for pet toys and also I just found a UK site that carries them:

For anyone interested, this is the toy they are retrieving:


They absolutely LOVE this toy -- it is far easier for a small dog to pick up, they like chewing on it, it is extremel;y durable, and you can throw it a very long distance more easily than a ball, because of the rope. I find most ball-on-rope toys are hard for cavaliers to pick up and the ropes are too long -- they stumble over them. This toy is perfect. Also because of its jack shape it bounces in unexpected ways.

I really love the whole Petstages line. Excellent, colourful but not ugly toys for pups, dogs and cats too. The dogs really like all their things.

Ooooh, I found this UK site with Petstages items!!


My guys also love that teether ring -- jaspar has had it since he was a puppy and now they like to play tug of war with it.