This is a terrible story but worth posting. My cousin recently bought two springer spaniel pups and on the breeders instructions bought dry Pedigree adult food (not sure which one but will post when I know). She told her to soak the food for 15 minutes before feeding. This was working out fine until she had to buy replacement food. They only had the puppy variety so she went with that. She soaked it for 15 minutes and gave it to the dogs. One of the pups ate more than the other and soon thereafter was screaming in pain. She took the pup to the vet where it sadly died. It turns out that the food had swelled to 4 times it's normal size in the puppy's stomach and therefore it killed the puppy. I asked her what the instructions said and there was nothing about soaking the food, therefore I believe it should not have been soaked. She made a very innocent mistake with tragic results. Does anyone here know anything about soaking dry food and how it should be done properly? Needless to say she is being very careful how she feeds the remaining pup and she feels so guilty it would break your heart.