Here's our Bo (16 weeks) with his big brother Marshal Dillon (almost 5)...the female Saint (Miss Kitty ) is camera shy.

The big ones are amazingly tolerant of Bo. the only 'trouble' he's been in is when he tried to climb into THEIR food bowl while Missy was eating. He's a quick if he wants 'big dog' food, he waits until they drop it. As serious as they are about food, neither one will eat it off the floor once it falls. Bo also has his own 'little doggie' door, because he was too short to use the 'big doggie' door. Wisely enough, he still waits for the 'stampede' to clear before he follows the group outside to see what everyone's so excited about.

And here he is with Princess the cocker (5-1/2). After two months, Princess has decided she might as well accept it...he's staying.

Before our ISP lost it , I had an absolutely precious picture of Princess and the two Saints when we brought Missy home. You could very clearly see her thinking, "Oh no...not ANOTHER one!".

A couple more 'Bo' pics in the 'puppy pics' forum.