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Thread: Anyone have the sherpa on wheels?

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    Default Anyone have the sherpa on wheels?

    This looks like a great option....the Atlanta airport is HUGE and is quite a bear to get through. If I could wheel the babies through it I'd love it!

    Anyone use it? I had a neighbor who had a wheelie bag where the dog could sit up and his head poked out so he could see what's going on. Don't know if I could get away with that though.
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    A wheeled crate or bag is such a godsend, IMHO. When I took the two boys to the UK to be MRI'd a friend loaned me a crate with wheels and as I had to do a flight then two trains then a cab, this was such a great thing to have. If the wheeled sherpa doesn;t seem worth the investment I'd pay the 2 bucks or whatever for an airport trolley... I like things with wheels; my shoulders get way too tired trying to lug suitcases or anything else.
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