Our darling Declan fell asleep peacefully about 2 hours ago.

He was a lovely Blenheim boy, aged 7.

He fought gallantly with MVD and was on so many different pills.

Tonight he was having trouble breathing and we decided to take him to the emergency vet. Before we left, I cuddled him and begged him to help me get the strength to make the right choice for him.

When we got him into the car, he lay on the back seat next to my fiance, and fell asleep. A few minutes later he'd stopped breathing. It seems like he made the choice for me. God bless him.

He was a treasure - intelligent, funny, loving, noisy, playful, plucky - a wonderful little lad.

We've come home to his son, Cailean, who is running around the house in circles looking for his dad. How do you explain to a dog that his companion's not coming back? Poor little boy.

I'll never forget Deccie-Dog - he was one in a million.

Take care til we meet again, my sweetheart.