As most of you know, I brought home my little love on Sunday the 28th of May.

I really really wanted to switch him to raw slowly over a week or so, my
Vet and Breeder did not agree at all. They felt as a 4 1/2 lb Puppy he
really required the calories in the Puppy food. The Vet asked me to wait until his next visit which is June 21st and she will talk to me more about it then.
I know it takes them a few days to settle, but the Guardian was
adding a lot of water to the Wysong (which I have taken him off and switched to Innova Puppy Food as per my Vet)
The food was more like a paste, my Vet said he should be able to eat kibble and if he was having trouble to sprinkle a little water just to moisten it.

My question is how long would you all wait before making the switch to
Natures Variety Raw based Kibble and Medallions.