Lady Lucy will be 5 months old on June 11th. When I received her ( she was 10 weeks old), she weighed 6 pounds. As of today, she weighs 16 pounds (give or take a pound for my scales inaccuracy). I am concerned that she may be gaining too much weight. I feed her Nutro Puppy food. She gets half-a-cup three times a day. I also give her a small chunk of carrot to chew on each day (my vet said it's good for her teething). Giving her a piece of carrot is another issue for me, also. I am never sure how much, or how little, to give her! I don't give her a tiny piece, for fear that she will choke on it, but I don't want to give her too large a piece in case that is not good for her. She also gets one or two tiny treats a day. If anyone can give me some advice about these issues, I would sincerely appreciate it. I have always had medium and large dogs in the past, and a wee lassie is something very new for me! I don't want to starve her, but I also don't want to overfeed her! I also have concerns about all the health issues I have read about concerning cavs. I am terribly worried that she will develop heart issues, etc., in the future. Are these unavoidable problems for the majority of cavs? I must admit my ignorance about this before I received her...I so wanted a cav, and fell in love the moment I laid eyes on her...that I didn't pay much heed to the health issues.