I cannot remember if the same applies to a puppy as an adult that they
will eat when they are hungry.

My little darling Darby for the last 3 to 4 days has only eaten about half
the amount of food that he is suppossed to.

Is this okay, or should I be worried about it.
Of course the other night I went out and left him with my husband who
was suppossed to be watching him and he scoffed Dudleys food.
His belly was bulging the little rascal, I figured he was to full but he is
only picking at his food.

I have been feeding him Innova Puppy food, when I brought him home
he was eating the food which was being made into a paste.
My Vet informed me that he should have no trouble eating puppy kibble
and he needs the nutrients in puppy food.

What do you guys think, am I over-reacting.
He definetely is not lethargic (sp) by any means.

Just lovin him up.

Does the golden rule also apply to puppies.

20 Minutes and gone ??????