Well done Lulu and Darby, that's fantastic news, you are BOTH doing so well.

I know it's really hard work for the first couple of weeks, but it does pay off - the fewer accidents they have indoors, the less they are likely to have.

Naughty hubby letting Darby blott his copybook...

Mind you having seen that fabulous pen I think I might let him off - that's brilliant, a perfect size as he has room to play but not big enough for him to see it as more than his nest.

Rupert was also trained in two weeks, he only had a couple of accidents both of which were my fault

It is possible, it does also depend on the set up at the breeders, and how they have been reared {it helps if they have been outside and on different surfaces} - but a lot of it depends on you - you have to be aware all the time what they are doing, and keep to a schedule of out after every meal, every time they wake up, when they've been playing, and every hour or so in between!!

You are a brilliant doggy Momma - and should be very proud of the wee man, he's so cute too!!