Cedar and I went to our first rally class this week. I had a very limited understanding about what rally was to begin with; My main goals for enrolling were to get Cedar socialized and for the two of us to do more stuff together. Looking at the list of signs given to us by the trainer, though, I can see that I had better keep my expectations low!!

For our first lesson, we worked with some of the most basic signs/commands. It was clear that Cedar is obviously the smallest dog there but perhaps even the youngest. She also appears to be the least trained. :S Most of the dogs are large breed and they all pretty much knew all the commands from the first lesson. Cedar didnt know "stand" at all, so we are working on that. She also had to get a refresher on staying while I walked around her (she stayed sat, but she scooted around 180 degree so she could watch me go around her ). She SHOULD know how to go from a down to a sit, but when we did it in class she wouldnt do it. When we were going through the course individually--with everyone watching--and we reached the final sign (halt/sit/down/sit), she did great with stopping, sitting, and downing. However, when I said sit the second time, she rolled over on her back belly up and tail wagging. The entire class awwwwed and giggled, saying "too cute!". This is the exact same thing she did (with the exact same audience encouragement!) during her CGC test. It's like she knows it's the last command and wants to ham it up rather than obey.

At least she was having a good time. As I said, I have to keep my expectations pretty low.