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Thread: Cedar's Rally Class

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    It's wonderful that so many people are doing such fun things with their dogs! I like the sound of rally; I will now have to push Tara and Lisa to look into it... *poke, poke*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay
    Just wanted to let you know how Monty and I did on our first ever weekend of Rally O trials. Monty (and I) received qualifying scores on both runs!
    Good work, Jay!! I dont know if Cedar and I will ever compete. We'll see. Right now, we just enjoy going to the classes.

    We had our 3rd class tonight and we worked on front calls and finishes. We also worked on pivots and formal stays. Thanks goodness no spirals yet!!

    Right now, Cedar needs to work on her heel sit. She sits on a hault, but she sits so that she can see up to me. That means she sits a bit away and faces me rather than straight forward. :S We treat train, so she's looking for that treat. I think I'll get a clicker and start working with that. Hopefully, as she learns the sound as a reward, she'll be less inclined to look up. We'll see, anyway. That's our focus in this next week. I've already given DH his instructions on how to make Cedar do a formal heel before giving her any treat.

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    Oh if you get a chance to compete, I highly recommend it, even if you just do novice level. It was a lot of fun! (a little expensive though, $50 dollars for both days). If you never have competed in Rally, you will compete in Novice A, which is what we did. The judges were so great. They helped us walk the course, and helped explain the signs to make sure that we understood what they were looking for, gave us pointers and lots of support. I was really surprised when Monty qualified on Saturday. The judges want people to get involved in the sport and hopefully move on to formal obedience. Once Monty gets his last qualifying leg, it will be a big jump to the next level, but we are looking forward to it. I will start Gem competing once Monty gets his RN. Poor Gem will have to compete in Novice B level. There were around 26-28 dogs competing at that level this last weekend. I am sure she will qualify (eventually) but I doubt she will earn a ribbon, but you never know! You are really only competing against yourself. What you are looking to do is qualify. We are now getting our show set up together. We are going to dig the EZ up out of the garage and are looking to buy a really nice mat and a hand cart to transport everything. My husband was even jokingly starting to talk about buying a RV. I nixed that one


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