I'm so glad to have found this web site! My husband and I have 3 Cavaliers: India, our tricolor girl who turns 3 this month, Geordie, our blenheim boy who will be 3 years old next month, and Chocolate, our 4 year black and tan girl, who we just adopted in December 2005.

Each one is a cute little individual; they each have their own little quirks - personality plus, as our breeder promised!!!

We've been having our share of health issues - India tore a bit of cartilage in her knee and had surgery at eighteen months of age for luxating patella (very successful surgery - she's allowed to play agility), Chocolate has a low grade heart murmur, and now we think our Geordie ( my best-est agility buddy) might have PSOM.

Thank goodness I found this site! We didn't know anything about PSOM. Our breeder gave us information about SM, MVD and large platelets, but PSOM was never on our radar. Geordie has the symptoms - hearing loss, neck scratching - so I've made him an appointment with Dr. Hillier, one of the PSOM specialists at Ohio State University Veterinary College (2 hours away.) The soonest they can see him is July 18.

Thank you so much for hosting this site and everyone for sharing Cavalier information. I've been so worried about Geordie, and now it may be possible to save his hearing.[size=6][/size]