Guess who ate last night and I did not even give him Monica Segals food
I gave him the only kibble I had in the house which is Natures Variety he
gobbled the lot plus he got his vitamin.

Dudley is about 15 1/2 to 16 lbs so by no means is he underweight how
I don't know I did ask hubby last night and he swears (not literally)
that he has given him nothing.
I believe him because I have been watching him.

Monica has said if it continues, I will need a consult with her.
I will wait a little while longer and see how things go, just wanted to let you
know that he did eat.
Just playing mind games with me, it is not going to work.

I gave him a bath last night before he ate and he usually gets a treat I
did not give anything to him so maybe he realized hey this lady is
catching on to my tricks and games.
She is so so mean.