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Thanks, all!! His coat is getting thicker, but he's also getting a smidge fat.. I cut back his food a bit more. He was getting a full cup a day before his neuter, then I cut back to 2/3 cup. And now to 1/2 cup a day!! Their metabolism really does change a lot!! But at the neuro exam on Tuesday I weighed him and he was up too 9.2kgs!! (~20lbs) Before he was at 17.5 to 18lbs max!
wow, 1/2 cup sounds so small--does he have a nutritional supplement with it, or is it enough? how much exercise does he get? i don't exercise zack every day. by exercise, i mean taking him to the dog park to run with the dogs and run around the big park for an hour or so. sometimes it gets too late after work. i was just wondering how much exercise rory gets and whether it makes a difference in preventing post neuter weight gain, or whether he's gaining in spite of exercise.

(in the photos, i can't really see any sign of being overweight--he looks just right).