Tara and Lisa have these in stock at Dog Training Ireland so I picked up two.

More info and explanation: http://www.premier.com/pages.cfm?ID=75

While both Jaspar and Leo are generally OK walking on their own, when walked together they tend to pull and can pull very hard when they really want to get somewhere. Adding Lily to the walking mix has made this all more complicated, though she is very polite on the lead and doesn't pull at all.

I was out at Dog Training Ireland today and these Easy-walk Harnesses had just come in so I bought two -- I've seen them used before so had been considering them.

Well -- they are magic. They simply can't pull in these harnesses as all that happens is they turn themselves around. As soon as they start to pull they are turned to one side. All of this is gentle and not painful or pinching or anything like that. Walking the two boys was so easy -- they trotted right alongside when I got them home and took them for a test drive. They didn't even pull as we approached the doorway into a little park they love -- normally they start heaving like sled dogs about 50 feet before we get there. What a great product; highly recommended. They are widely available in the US and Tara and Lisa have them in Ireland.