I know that it is said that if you paper train then there is more trouble to get them to go outside. but at the moment I DONT THINK I have a choice as I live in a 6th floor apartment and little Abby hasnt finished her vacinations yet , which means I cant take her outside for another four weeks because of Parvo virus.

I am having a very hard time training her. She just doesnt seem to get it. I tried the oh oh grabbing her and putting her on the paper. I have also tried putting her on the paper every 15 min. She just runs off , of course I catch her and put her back but it is a constant hastle. In regards to poo she just wont do it at all on the paper. If I catch her in the act she stops doing. Any advice anyone. Abby is 8 weeks old.
I also have a balcony, which is safe. Maybe I should put the papers outside???