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Thread: Rudy needs surgery,Mom needs support.

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    Default Thanks for the resonse

    I really appreciate all the response, this is exactly what I needed to move forward and think positive about the surgery. Knowing others have come through and are on the other side with success is so comforting. Only another true dog lover would understand the anxiety I am feeling right now. These responses will be available for me to reread when I am feeling unsure and fearful about the pocedure. I called and made an appointment for the start of the procedure nest week and the surgery could possibly be done on next Thursday. A thanks to everyone for taking the time to share, it means so much!
    Rudy((Blenheim Cav), Lizzie and Toby(Shih tzus)

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    That's what we're here for, Pam. Come in anytime and vent or ask for support - we all need somewhere like this - good 'old' Karlin for setting it up - it's the happiest Cavalier forum I have found. All the others are very clique and bitchy

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    pam--i just want to say i relate to your strong emotional reaction. as you say, they're so dependent on us and there are so many judgement calls, especially when what's going on is mysterious and ambiguous. i have a full time job too and when zack has been sick, it's very hard to go to work, i just wish so much i could stay home on those days, it's very hard to leave the house. it's stressful and sad.

    and i'd rather be home all day with a sick dog than to come home at the end of a long hard day to a sick dog.

    judging from Joanna's reports on DaisyBoo's recent patella surgery, she doesn't have to make very many trips to the vet about it, no complications, appointments are weeks apart. Still, i sympathize with you to be 60 miles from your vet, that's far.

    if it was me, i'd definitely do something like this during vacation, maybe more for myself than for the dog who might just sleep all day. the challenges of keeping a dog in a crate all the time are hard. But it may be better for Rudy that he's already used to being in a crate for long periods.

    The other dogs running free may or may not cause him to be very upset. Probably at least in the beginning, he will know that he is injured and will accept taking it easy, so during that phase you can integrate the situation into the family routine.

    i like cathy moon's idea of feeding and spending time with him in a crate or pen before the surgery, start getting him used to it and giving him some positive experiences with it before hand. bully sticks, booda bones, compressed hooves, edible nylabones--things that take a long time to chew up, have a big supply of those.

    and hang in there and get through it. keep in touch..

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    You've made the right decision Pam. Thinking about having to do it is the hardest part. I was lucky on that score because I went to the hospital without any intention of leaving Daisy Boo there because I honestly thought it was only a grade one. However, the diagnosis was pretty similar to yours and they took her from me there and then. That was eight weeks ago today and this morning she was trotting around the back garden!

    You will have to crate him fot the 6 weeks. We had a checkup after three weeks and an xray after 7. We had one visit to our local vet after ten days to remove the stitches. He will have to be kept on the lead at all times for toilet breaks. I kept the lead on also when we were on the couch just in case she tried to make a run for it.

    There will be a couple of escape attempts so you have to be vigilent. Daisy Boo made a run for it but only made it as far as her bed. I think that's what she missed most - it's like returning home after a long holiday, nothing like your own bed.

    We had her on lead to go outside up until last night. The back door was open and she sauntered out and was very calm. I am letting her have the back garden to herself at the moment because if both of them go out I can't control them.

    It's hard work but worth it in the end - Good luck


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