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Thread: Relaxing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda

    She is adorable, she has such a lovely coat.

    I bet that gus is a hoot though.
    Thanks. She's finally lost the last of her weight and is down to 19 pounds. It's a good weight for her, and her fur is much better as well--not so cottony and thick. She's got so much more energy now too, it's great. It took awhile to loose the weight, but better to be safe and slow than drastic.

    Gus is doing good. They're so fun now that he's a little bigger and she can play with him more. My parent's are borrowing my digital camera for their Alaskan cruise, and I'm really having withdrawls from taking pics of the dogs
    Jen, Abbey (Tri Cavalier) & Gus (White Min. Schnauzer)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen
    Quote Originally Posted by Heritage Cavaliers
    Looks like me the other day when I stayed home from work ..LOL
    I'm sure you don't snore as loud as she does though!!!
    Sometimes when Gus snuggles with her he stares at her nose when she's snoring, it's hilarious!
    that is really funny to picture. Try to get a shot of that if you can .

    abby's coat is so luscius. how beautiful. great photos, capturing the moment.


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