Posting this for Tara and Lisa; anyone in Ireland (or UK who wants to attend) that has a gundog or knowns someone with one might find this of interest!

Alternative Gundog Training Weekend Workshop August 12th & 13th

Throughout our work we have noticed that a huge proportion of our
clients own Gundogs (spaniels, retrievers & pointers). This presents
a variety a problems such as chasing birds, rabbits etc, lack of
recall and hyperactivity in a non working home. This is due to the
fact that their dog may have high energy levels and an instinct to
find and retrieve. This course will help owners to understand and
manage these behaviours whether they are a pet or working dog.

This 2 day workshop is presented by Helen Philips of Learning About
Dogs in the UK. Author of 'Clicker Gundog', Helen has her own team of
working Hungarian Vizslas, and is a professional gundog trainer.
Throughout her work Helen uses the clicker to train her dogs,
ensuring they work in the field effectively and reliably. She has
been classed revolutionist because she would never punish her dogs.
Dealing with distractions is a huge problem for both pet owners and
those with working dogs. This course will focus on Stimulus Control
and how to train your dog to focus and listen to you rather than his
natural instincts of following that scent or chasing that bird! See

The course will cover the following (applicable to both pet and
working dogs):

Stimulus Control - Teaching your dog to ignore distractions and
listen to YOU!
Teaching basic field control exercises
Directional, Send back and Advanced Work
Searching and Quartering

This workshop will demonstrate how Gundogs can be trained without the
use of correctional collars or out dated methods.

Whether you have a pet dog of the Gundog breed or a working dog this
course will prove invaluable.

Participant (handler and dog) and 1 or 2 day spectator places are

Prices start at &euro;50. Participants must have a Gundog to work

It is important to note that there will be NO SHOOTING on this

For more information and to book online go to

Kind Regards,
Lisa & Tara