HI guys. Kosmo is 5 1/2 months old now and he's doing great - He sits, lays, shakes, speaks, bows, and I even can get him to occaionally scratch his bum on command but I cannot get him to learn the word come whatever I do!! The trainer we're working with has told us never to use it unless we're 100% sure he's going to come to us, but even in a situation like that, he still refuses to do so! The most embarassing part of this problem is that when I say "Kosmo, COOKIE!" He comes running to me 100% of the time! He's so manipulative when it comes to his charlee bears! How can I effectively learn to substitute the word "cookie" with "come?" Sometimes he comes, but only if I show him that I have a "cookie." If he doesn't physically see it, he's more interested in staying outside and sniffing the grass. How can I fix this problem?!