Do any of you think that a snuggle puppy will help with crate anxiety? Kosmo always FREAKS when I leave him in his crate but I have no choice when I am gone in the day. I moved it to the kitchen because there's more traffic there, and I put his food and water in there as well so he can be familiar with it. It has improved a lot since I've done that, but he still hates it when I leave. When he hears me say "Kosmo, kennel up!" he runs away from me. Now he "OCCASIONALLY" goes in there on his own (when the nieces and nephews are over and chasing him, ) but not too often. I have stepped outside with him in there before and I do notice him calming down after about 5-10 minutes. We live in a new development and the builder came into our house for repairs during the day and said he was "quiet as a mouse." I have hoped that this would subside by now because he's been using it for a while. Should I try a snuggle puppy or will I probably come home to find it in pieces? That probably won't fix the problem, but at least he can have a friend when I leave. Or maybe I should make a big section in the basement for him? Thanks in advance