Hi all, it has been a while, but no news is good news, Marley is doing great and we managed to get some of our money back from "the middle man breeder" she is a happy healthy girl aside from the few ailments she arrived with..she goes back to the vet today. She is doing well with potty training. We leave her in her crate while we are at work and she manages to hold the poo for us until we get home, but she always pees in her kennel..we suspect that she is still too young to hold it for an entire day. The night is a different story though-she barks when she needs to go out but its 3-4 times, some times more a night!!! And she goes everytime we take her out! She eats at 5 and she's a nibbler so we take up the food and water no later than 7...we take her out several times before we put her to bed around 9...and at 10:30 is is crying to go out!! what can we do? At one point we got so tired we just put her in bed with us...and she did well for a while, we thought we solved the problem because she only wanted to go once in the middle of the night, but one time she did have an accident. We love her in our bed but sometimes shes stinky and she love to chew on our comforter and sheets and just be annoying lol imagine that. I feel like I have to sleep with one eye open when she's in bed with us, so no dog in the bed-sorry Mar girl. So needless to say she's back in her kennel-and back to getting up 4 times a night-what do we do.
Also if anyone has had luck with some good toys, please tell me what they are, Marley is more interested in our flip flops and belts and wicker table than any of her toys! We got her a rope but she started to eat the strings and had obvious trouble digesting it-not fun!! I want something, atleast one thing I can trust to leave in the kennel with her so she doesn't get bored....thanks for any advice