This was King 1st friend when he was little...a chiapom (chihuahua/pom mix) this was a pup that needed to be watched from work...Even though King was only 2months both King and the Chiapom (later named Princess, name kinda fitted cuz it was King and Princess ) anyways, the reason i was watching this pup was 1)She was only 1lb, so needed 24hr watching so it ate lil meals....2)It was a surprise for some1's wife for xmas and we needed to hide the pup from the wife...Here they are sleeping sound together

This is King after Princess left, so Frogie was there to comfort him

King(puppy) wearing his new PJs i got for him doesn't he look CUTE!!!!!

King(puppy) sunbathing in the living room...He used to love bathing in the sun...Now-a-days he still does it but not as much as he used to