Hello everybody!
I am a girl from Iceland and I own one Cavalier. I also have one English Pointer. My Cavalier cutie name is Bono and he is four years old. The Pointer name is Nóra, she is just two years old.
I am going to put a "few" fotos of them here now...

Bono and Nora when she was just a puppy

Me loves playing. There Bono is bigger than Nóra, that has changed now! :P

Talking to me?

Bono and his best friend, Fjalar, owned by F&M

Close up

At home



You are my sunshine, my onley sunshine...

Ohh... Not that camera again...

Bono and his friends, Molder and Fjalar(owned by F&M) on a beautyful day.

Bono and Fjalar(owned by F&M)

Taking a bath

I is just not liking this, mom!

Allright, i loosed my self alittle bit, hehe. Few of these pictures did F&M give to me, thank you F&M

And I just want to say sorr, that my english is not good, but i try..