I got this so i could take zack into stores where food is sold, i think it's against health code laws but hoping that if i have him way up off the floor, he might get by more easily and my hands are free for shopping. Also, if necessary, i could put a jacket over him so he doesn't show. There's one neighborhood store i take him into, carrying him in my arms, but it's hard to manage when it comes time to pay, while holding him at the same time.

I was surprised at how much he liked it. I expected him to resist a little when i first tried to put him in it, the opening is a little awkward to get his backlegs into, because it has elastic in it and isn't very wide, but he didn't resist and really settled into it like he was happy to be there. It has a pretty cozy feeling. The second picture is after i took it off and set it down on the couch. He just stayed in it, wasn't in any hurry to get out.

It's comfortable on my shoulder. I got it on ebay but they have them at stores like www.petguys.com too.