I feel it's important to remember the love of my life, Xena because she was my best friend for 9 long years. It's hard for me to move on, but Kosmo's doing a great job of helping me in the healing process.

Xena was born on March 16th, 1996. After a few weeks in our house it became evident that she would be my dog as she slept on my bed, took my covers, and hung out with me all the time. SHe ended up being 130lbs and the bigger she got, the smaller my bed got.

At about 8 years old she developed tumors on her neck and her back. She also developed a leaky bladder and I had to get up and let her out at least one and sometimes two times during the night. I think going through that experience really helped to set me up to be able to take Kosmo out when he was so young.

She became my primary passenger in my truck during her last years. She also would do anything for Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. (SHH!) She only got them every once in a while.

The vet said that she probably had cancer and we should think about what we wanted to do about that. I decided since she was my dog that I was going to let her live her life to the fullest until I could visibly see that she was suffering. She stayed with me at the house until I moved to Toronto in September of 2004. It killed me to leave her, but my mom and dad loved her unconditionally as well and I couldn’t bring her here. She stayed with my parents until she went to Rainbow Bridge on Friday the 13th of May, 2005. I love Xena to pieces still and I cannot thank her enough for teaching me love, trust, patience, and most importantly an unconditional love of animals.

This is my favorite picture of Xena. Not sure how I got it, but it happened!:

This is her in her younger days looking all rambunctious on the porch. I think she ended up eating that food dish.

This picture is funny because it's Xena and our other dog, Isabel. Isabel was in heat so we had to come up with some creative clothing for her.. lol :P And Xena - look how patient and easy going she is!

This is Xena and I when I got my graduation pictures taken. She was SOOO sweet. I am really glad I got a professional picture taken with her because I will keep it forever.

This is my little cemetery for her. In the states I lived in a very open farm neighborhood where it's still O.K to bury your animals in your back yard. This is the bottom of my grandma's garden and it is overlooking a huge field where she could have ran and played for the rest of her days.. I brought some flowers for Christmas and sent her some when she died. Too Bad the picket fence wouldn't stay together, but it's ok because she knows I meant well.

I feel it's important to remember Xena and how much I loved her as I grow closer to Kosmo. I miss her so much - If I could have had her live with me for the rest of my life, I would have.. even if she did fart ALL the time. I remember one time when Avi came from Toronto for Christmas he came and woke me up and "SARA!! You gotta hear this! Your dog just farted and it had SO MUCH PRESSURE that it actually made her body curve as it came out!" ANd I said YEP, she makes me proud! hehe