Possibly planning a trip back to the states with Kosmo in tow and I just found this information out on the AC website. I am sure you guys all do your homework but just in case you were considering taking your dog and using AC, remember this!


"Effective September 18, 2006 the Pet in the Cabin product will be discontinued system-wide, for tickets purchased on or after April 14, 2006 for travel commenting on or after September 18, 2006. Certified, professionally trained service animals which are assisting customers with disabilities will continue to be carried, free of charge, in the passenger cabin at the customer's feet EXCEPT for flights to Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong and New Zealand."

not sure I could take a flight and let Kosmo be in the "checked baggage" department. He'd probably be alright, but I don't know the people who will be handling him and I am not sure I feel comfortable with other people (possibly dog haters) handling him while I am up in the cabin. I'de be a nervous wreck.