This is from Clare Rusbridge:

Hello everyone

The Ann Conway Trust (a syringomyelia support and research charity) is organising a 3 day International Conference in historical Rugby England in October 23-25 2007. They are keen to involve veterinary/dog aspects - and if there is enough interest a satellite dog breeder/owner meeting could be arranged (this would probably have its own (cheaper) fee so that owners / breeders could attend this and not the entire conference). The aim would be to have seminar(s) / question and answer session. I think that this will prove to be a unique and exciting conference drawing together neurosurgeons, neuroscientists, veterinary surgeons and paraprofessionals to discuss a disease where we all still have much to learn. So I can gauge whether there will be sufficient interest to organise a dedicated breeder / owner meeting I would be grateful if you could discuss this amongst the various groups and forums you are a member of and let me know if there is interest / have people contact me.

Kind regards
Clare Rusbridge

(p.s. this is not related to the round table meeting organised by the CKCS club in November 2006)

Ms. Rusbridge's email address is The pdf version of the flyer for this conference is available. Email me at for a copy.

Rod Russell
Orlando, Florida USA