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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxxs_Mummy
    Awwwww but why not lift the covers between them and let them see each other? Don't you think they might like to lie together? I mean, i know they already lie side by side but my two very often snuggle right up to each other to sleep
    I've tried lifting the covers thinking they might like to see each other...Jake started barking!! As soon as I put the covers back he has fine. My two don't cuddle with each other. They did a bit when Shelby was a baby but that was her choice not his. They pretty much never share the bed and usually lay on opposite couches. They love to cuddle with us but rarely with each other.
    Loving mom to Jake, Shelby and Micah

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    LMAO typical man Funny how people say that the boys are more loving. I actually found that Holly, my little foster girl was far more loving and cuddly than either of my boys


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