I agree, no home with a Cavalier is without face kisses . When my eldest's best mate comes to stay, Maxx pins him onto the bed and completely smothers his face, arms, feet and any other exposed areas. As soon as Tom thinks he's finished and goes to get up, he starts again

Yup Geraint adores his Maxxy and so does Rhys, my eldest. When they come into the house Charlie will rush towards them going frantic as he is so excited. Maxx waits until he has worn himself out and then rolls over for his servants to rub his tummy He also bashes their bedroom doors until they let him in and then barks until they pick him up and put him on their beds - he owns them and don't they know it!!!!!


Don't wonder about my posts hunny - I am completely insane and freely admit it

As for getting me in the pic, no way! I loathe having my picture taken so unless it's a really special occasion then it's a no way thing

Hope you're surviving these holidays with your little 's????